Ever changed your beliefs?

I did, about the Writing Profession.

Sure, writing’s a great hobby and worthwhile pastime for many around the world.  You can let your imagination run riot and they can’t even catch you.  You can create a character that no one else has created before you.  This world past present and future, the underworld, your fantasy world, a mad mad world, the world off its axis: these are your playgrounds where you can be creator, builder, entertainer, or activist.

A wealth of choice
To find your voice
And make your mark
With words.

Be proud you are following in the tradition of great writers and great thinkers.  And one or two turned famous.

Sure, it’s competitive too.  And that’s the serious side.  From observing and listening, and from experience, I came to the conclusion that writing is not what it used to be.  The key now – or, if you like, the key that unlocks the main gate to this profession – is money.  There’s a surprise.

Until I’m shown a better way, I believe you need to know someone in the right place at the right time if you want to be successful.  That is, professionally successful.  That is, in this world’s league tables of success.  If you do know someone: power to you!

Of course, you’ll always be a talented and skilful writer – money or no money.  The currency will not affect your creativity; although it has been known to provide incentive!

So let’s deal with what we’ve got:

Gifted with words?
Unlimited playground?
A world in need?
Freedom of choice?

Get writing!


Article by Peter Caton © 2017